Liquidity Hub

Liquidity Hub is one of the key products of the Kyrrex ecosystem. Everyone knows that one of the key and decisive factors when choosing an exchange or a cryptocurrency exchange for private and institutional clients is the liquidity of the order book and constant access to liquidity. Many exchanges with low operational turnover and lack of liquidity risk losing their competitive advantages and customer loyalty. Liquidity Hub allows you to eliminate such risks in the cryptocurrency market.
We provide software that allows you to ensure that all trades in any crypto-assets are fully covered, as well as to perform reconciliation, settlement and balancing between customer accounts.
Liquidity Hub features:
  • The right amount of liquidity exchange stack for your clients
  • Liquidity Hub covers all trades
  • High speed of orders processing (up to 1.5 million operations per second for each trading instrument)
  • Full GCD cryptocurrency setup and maintenance
  • Minimal network commissions for netting between participants
Only three integration steps are enough to join the Liquidity Hub site. First, fill out an application in my Personal Account for a technological connection to Liquidity Hub and the subsequent AML procedure. This is followed by the stage of providing all technical documentation and the necessary keys and data to connect to Liquidity Hub. The final step involves making a security deposit so that the applicant's clients can conduct transactions on the Liquidity Hub site.