Will I pay to participate in the tournament?
No. You can access the tournament for free. Everything you need to do — to register on the platform, trade frequently, and earn your rewards — is absolutely free of charge.
Are rewards real money?
Yes. The winners get real money in their wallets (accounts). Also, we organize tournaments with world-famous athletes, and you have a unique opportunity to win their merchandise and other valuable prizes.
How do we choose the winner?
The winner is determined by ROI (return on investment) scoring: the higher you get, the closer you are to the win. ROI is calculated as 'profit_or_loss / (initial_order_value) * 100%' Example: You’ve bought 1 bitcoin at the price of $20,000. You’ve sold 100% at the price of $22,000. Your PNL (profit and loss) would be +$2,000. 2,000 / (20,000) * 100% = 10% ROI 10% will be added to your total tournament ROI.
How quickly and how can I get my rewards?
Typically, after the end of the tournament, all prize funds are credited to your crypto wallet/account in the prize currency within 5 business days.
Can I withdraw my prize funds?
Yes, you can. You have many options on how to benefit from your rewards. You can use them for trading, commissions, or withdraw them.
How often can I participate in the tournaments?
There are no limitations on the number of competitions you can participate in.
Any questions left?
Please contact the support team on this page if you have any additional questions.