Ongoing / Reccuring

  • Integrations with IBAN Swift
  • Merchant platform
  • Tokenization Core
  • Referral program (Affiliate)
  • Bonus Program
    • Users who have successfully passed verification on the exchange will be credited with 20 KRRX tokens;
    • First time deposits of value equal or surpassing $500 on the Kyrrex exchange will be credited with additional tokens.
    • Bonuses will be available within 14 days from the accrual date and can be used to pay off commissions for trading operations, pay for tariff plans or purchase a Trade Ideas subscription.
  • Social Trading
    • Upon launch оf the Trade Ideas functionality, users will be enabled to subscribe and follow other traders.
    • The cost for this service will be fixed and can be paid either in fiat, crypto or in KRRX tokens.
    • After completing the payment, the followed trader receives the entire monthly fee from the user that follows them in the respective currency.

2022 Upcoming

  • Crypto Derivatives
  • Asset Management
  • Listing Platform (Launchpad)
  • Banking
    • Opening accounts for private and corporate clients;
    • Multi-currency bank accounts IBAN including FX functions;
    • SWIFT (BIC), SEPA, VISA/MC deposits and withdrawals;
    • OTC market with full transparency, safety, and legality;
    • Domestic and international transactions in 177 currencies;
    • Send funds directly to credit and debit cards of other banks;
    • Salary projects;
    • White Label payment solutions for various companies and payment institutions;
    • Clients can create their own financial services based on our platform;
    • Acquiring cards and APM payments.
  • Online Banking
    • Up to 20% cashback for in-app purchases;
    • Up to 3% cashback for card transactions;
    • Discounts and increased cashback in partner stores using Kyrrex crypto merchant when paying for goods with KRRX token;
    • Receive 20 KRRX tokens for each new user who has installed the banking application using your referral link;
    • Payment widgets.
  • Multi-Account Management
    • After the launch of the MAM (Multi-Account Manager) service, investors, who agree to pay a fee on the profit they made in KRRX tokens will be able to receive a 10% discount on the amount of the payment for the services of a manager (trader);
    • Managers (traders) who agree to accept a reward from investors in KRRX tokens will receive an additional bonus of 10% from the investor's reward.

2021 Completed

  • Obtaining an EMI and Maltese License
  • White Label
  • Trading platform
  • Kyrrex Core
  • OTC Platform
  • Chat Bot
  • Liquidity HUB
  • Cyber Security
  • Crypto AML
  • API TD Aggregator