KRRX is a token of the Kyrrex ecosystem that offers a variety of options to use all the products and features available on the platform.
Soon, the scope of the Kyrrex token will expand. And this financial asset will be part of the referral program, Trade-Ideas system, online banking, and much more.
Token Characteristics:
  • Network: TRON;
  • Total issue: 500,000,000;
  • Contract address: THS2ZuQowumzFPD1z3wchB1PijWMggUgmA
Keep in mind that the Kyrrex token is part of the entire platform ecosystem. Kyrrex truly bridges the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrencies by providing a full range of products available to anyone, anywhere in the world. This comprehensive ecosystem provides the market with a revolutionary financial model that involves the introduction of digital banking with the ability to handle with many cryptocurrencies.
Last modified 8mo ago