KRRX Token really has many benefits! We have integrated the token into all elements of the Kyrrex ecosystem to provide users with even more benefits. Let's take a closer look at the 3 key benefits of KRRX Token:

Low commissions

KRRX owners have the lucrative bonus of reduced commissions for spot trading. The more KRRX token you own, the lower commissions you get. We have divided all token holders into several categories: General, Beginner, Pro Trader, Insider, Institutional and Market Maker. The higher the monthly volume of transactions with KRRX, the higher the user category. Accordingly, each user category will have its discount on spot trading commissions. These terms and conditions are as transparent and straightforward as possible. Don't miss out on your benefits! Check out the commissions.
You can trade KRRX on the Kyrrex exchange and many other popular platforms, including HitBTC, BITTREX Global, etc. This opens up more opportunities to use Kyrrex token as a liquid and promising financial asset.

Part of a global ecosystem

The Kyrrex ecosystem includes many existing and emerging solutions, including a crypto exchange, banking, tokenization platform, OTC, Liquidity HUB, etc. All of this is brought together by a single financial asset, KRRX. You will benefit more if you have some of these tokens in your wallet.

Social trading (soon)

Upon launch, оf the Trade Ideas functionality will enable users to subscribe to and follow other traders.
The cost for this service will be fixed and can be paid either in fiat, crypto, or KRRX tokens. After completing the payment, the followed trader receives the entire monthly fee from the user who follows them in the respective currency.

Advantageous conditions of MAM (soon)

After the launch of the MAM (Multi-Account Manager) service, investors who agree to pay fee on the profit they made in KRRX tokens will be able to receive a 10% discount on the amount on the payment for the services of a manager (trader).
Managers (traders) who agree to accept a reward from investors in KRRX tokens will receive an additional bonus of 10% from the investor's premium.