Token distribution among participants:

  • 50% of the issued tokens will be released on the market in three separate public rounds among potential buyers of the KRRX token;
  • 20% of the issued tokens will go towards covering operational needs; preemptive right to buy back tokens by the team;
  • 30% of the issued tokens will be locked for 4 years; part of the tokens will be released on regular intervals of 6 months and will be available on the platform; No more than 1/5 of the original amount will be released on each interval.
Additional issuance of tokens will not be provided.

Use of Collected Funds:

  • 45% development of the ecosystem products;
  • 35% marketing;
  • 10% legal support for obtaining new licenses in various regions;
  • 10% insurance fund; will be used to cover costs in force majeure situations.
Last modified 11mo ago